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Air TASER Devices are the latest and greatest in personal security devices, being used by police departments, private security forces and increasingly, individuals who want the safety of carrying a gun without the drawbacks of learning to shoot or handling home safety issues. Air TASER devices are unique.

They completely but temporarily disable an attacker. When used correctly, they are non-lethal but highly effective deterrents. They are the preferred weapons of law enforcement personnel as well as those interested in self protection. You can buy air TASER guns in most states, (not NY), but check your local weapons ordinances before ordering one. In some places, the sale and use of TASERS are illegal, but in many states they don't even require a permit.


TASER® X26C 1 Item
TASER® C2 5 Items
TASER® Cartridges 3 Items
TASER® C2 Holsters 3 Items
TASER® Batteries 2 Items

Legal Information on the Air TASER® 
TASER Battery Specs & FAQ

Taser C2

TASER devices are a Non-Lethal and
Safer Substitute to Keeping a Handgun in the House

The air TASER is powered by compressed air cartridges which, when activated, fire two electrical probes into the clothing or skin of an opponent. The electrical probes generate a burst of electricity which causes would-be attackers to lose muscular control. The muscles contract involuntarily (think of the way your eyes briefly snap shut when you sneeze), and the attacker falls to the ground.
The electrical impulse from the TASER disrupts information between the brain and the muscles, causing total lack of coordination. The air TASER gun is built to deliver bursts of electricity over a short period of time so that attackers can't pull the probes from skin or clothing, giving you time to get away. TASER devices can be fired from up to 15 feet away and are 99% effective, even on attackers under the influence of drugs or liquor.

It's not hard to fire a TASER: just aim in the general direction of your opponent, and fire. Unlike guns, the TASER doesn't require much training in order to get a good shot—and save yourself from attack.

Stun Guns and TASERs are illegal in HI, IL, IA, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, WI., Baltimore, Annapolis and Howard Counties in MD., the City of Denison, IA., The City of Philadelphia PA., and Washington DC. We can not ship to the above locations.

TASER® "Registered Trademark of TASER International Inc."



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