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How the Police Use Handcuffs

You may never have to use a pair of handcuffs, but if someone breaks into your home and you have the advantage due to clever self defense tactics or the smart use of pepper spray, it would be nice to know that you can put the burglar under lockdown until the police arrive. It's true, a person can still run away wearing handcuffs, but it's pretty unlikely if he's been downed by pepper spray in the last half hour! And people are remarkably easy to spot if they're wearing cuffs: even when trying to casually blend in with the subway crowd.



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Law enforcement personnel know the power of handcuffs: aside from locking the person's hands safely behind the back, cuffs also throw people off their natural balance, making it easier to guide them in the direction you want them to go. Cops use handcuffs also as a physical deterrent: tightening the hand cuffs causes discomfort and can render a criminal slightly easier to get along with than otherwise.

You can buy police grade handcuffs, complete with an appropriate holster or carrier and keys. If you work in security, you should have a pair you bought yourself, and the best pair you can afford. If you do opt for inexpensive handcuffs, make sure the working parts are made of steel, and that you can't bend them with your bare hands: if you can bend them just trying them out, a person who's motivated to escape may be able to break them.





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