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Pepper Spray

A simple, but hugely effective weapon, pepper spray has been traditionally used by men and women, who often prefer self defense sprays to guns or other violent weapons. Pepper sprays' main ingredient is the oil from hot peppers, called oleoresin capsicum ("OC"), which temporarily blinds and otherwise incapacitates attackers. The OC causes blindness, tearing, running nose, coughing and burning of the skin that can last up to an hour after application.

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray Key Chains

Pepper Spray Key Chains

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Mace Pepper Spray

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Disguised Pepper Spray

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Animal Pepper Spray

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Pepper Spray For Joggers

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Police Grade Pepper Spray

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Pepper Spray Fogger

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Pepper Spray Foam

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Pepper Spray Holsters

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Pepper Spray Training

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One of the Most Affordable Self Defense Items
Pepper spray gets high marks on safety and affordable. You can completely disable an opponent without causing permanent harm. In fact, pepper spray's effectiveness and safety have made it a choice for law enforcement officers as well as civilians: sometimes you don't need to shoot someone with a bullet in order to make him stop! Instead, you can blast the meanest guy with extract from cayenne pepper and make him cry like a little kid.

Everyone should carry Pepper Spray for Personal Safety
Pepper sprays have been found more effective than MACE, which doesn't always stop attackers high on drugs or alcohol. Because MACE is a sort of tear gas, people on drugs may not feel it: pepper spray is an extreme irritant that no one can resist, so it's also preferred by law enforcement officers worldwide. Human attackers aren't the only ones to encounter pepper spray. Hikers use pepper spray on bears who won't take "no" for an answer, and delivery people often carry it to deter aggressive dogs. Pepper sprays are non-lethal, and they allow anyone to buy protection for as little as $12.95. State laws vary, so you can buy sprays in different concentrations.

A few state restrictions on Pepper Spray Items
Some states restrict the purchase and use of pepper spray: in New York, it must be purchased in the state, from a licensed pharmacist or firearms dealer. Massachusetts also requires purchase from a licensed firearms dealer. In Michigan, pepper spray made with OC cannot be stronger than 2%, and in Wisconsin, OC pepper spray can't exceed 10%. Check with your local police department for laws or restrictions before buying pepper spray.

Sorry, no pepper spray orders to New York, Massachusetts




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