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Disguised Pepper Spray

Looks Like an Every Day Object

There are several reasons for using a disguised pepper spray, and they are all quite valid, because protecting you from harm is the priority. Especially if you have had an ongoing problem with being victimized, possessing a pepper spray hidden in plain sight, under the guise of a pager or pen, can put security close to you all the time.

Disguised Pepper Spray  

               Pepper Spray Disguised as a Pager Pepper Spray Disguised as a Pager
15% OC Pepper Strength

Our price $19.95
Pepper Spray Disguised as a Pager

Pepper Spray Pager clips to clothes or purse for easy access.

               Pepper Spray Pen

Pepper Spray Pen with 10% OC Defense Spray Formula

Our Price $ 8.99
Pepper Spray Pen with 10% OC Defense Spray

A self defense product that is Non-lethal - will not cause any permanent injuries.

Sorry, no pepper spray orders to New York, Massachusetts

Pepper spray has replaced MACE as the favored self defense spray; its effectiveness is without question and its ease of use is unparalleled. You don’t have to take long courses in self defense strategies or practice as you would with a gun; just familiarize yourself with aiming and place the disguised pepper spray in your purse or in your office desk.
Some people find it embarrassing to admit that they have enhanced their personal safety by acquiring a weapon: others may call them fearful or paranoid. If someone in your workplace takes exception to your owning pepper spray, they never need to know about it—just don’t lend them your pen! The fact is, only you know your comfort level and how safe you truly are; don’t let anyone else dissuade you from protecting yourself.
Most would-be attackers believe that victims won’t try to defend themselves; sometimes, simply screaming or physically resisting will be enough to scare a bad guy away. But if he’s too stupid to run, you can spray him with something that will leave him temporarily blinded, in agony, weeping and sniveling. But don’t stick around to gloat! Run and get help. If you’re back in ten minutes with a cop, he’ll probably still be right where you left him—rolling around on the ground.

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