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Mace Pepper Spray
for Runners & Joggers

Mace Pepper Spray for Runners & Joggers

Item # M80329

Pepper Spray For Joggers Benefits and Features:
  • Stay confident out on a walk or jog
  • Velcro strap that easily fits around the hand or wrist
  • 18 gram (3/4 oz) compact size
  • Heat intensity is tested in an independent laboratory and guaranteed
  • Up to 10 1 second bursts
  • Will stop anyone regardless of size or state of mind... like drunk or high on drugs
  • Effective to use at up to 6-8 feet
  • 1 burst is usually enough to stop anyone
  • Up to 10 1 second bursts per canister

Pepper Spray For Joggers Full Description:
When out walking or jogging it is important to feel safe so you can stay focused. This pepper spray is designed to be carried by those on the go... literally. The canister comes with a Velcro strap that can be comfortably worn around your hand or wrist to provide for easy access in an instant should you need it. It is filled with powerful spray made from cayenne peppers at such intense strength which, upon contact with an attackers eyes, renders him or her unable to see, much less breathe comfortably. The pain is so intense that it will stop anyone, regardless of their size or their state of mind - which means even someone who is on drugs or alcohol will become immediately incapacitated. This intensity is tested by an independent laboratory to insure that it is as hot as we say it is- so in the moment of truth, you can count on it! This compact, 18 gram (3/4 oz), easy to carry unit contains enough pepper spray for up to 10 one second bursts. But be aware- it usually takes ONLY 1! Works effectively at a distance of up to 6-8 feet.      Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Mace Pepper Spray for Runners & Joggers
Item # M80329

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