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Pepper Spray Fogger

In a place where gangs are a problem, or on campuses where date rape is one of the most common crimes, a personal self defense system should include some kind of pepper spray. More effective than mace (Mace is also an effective brand of pepper spray), easier to use than a gun, pepper spray is a smart and inexpensive method of self protection, whether it’s from one opponent or many.
To maximize your chances against multiple attackers, consider the pepper spray fogger. The fogger broadcasts the spray in a fine, wide mist, so that instead of worrying about hitting your target, you can surround him with a burning mist by simply aiming in his general direction. For groups, the fogger works especially well because it disperses widely and lingers, allowing those in the back to see its striking effect on the first ones to be fogged.

Pepper Spray Fogger

Pepper Spray 4 oz. Security Plus Fogger 140,000 SHU

Pepper Spray 4 oz. Fogger 140,000 SHU

Our Price $16.99
Pepper Spray 4 oz. Fogger 140,000 SHU

Equally effective against single or multiple attackers!

Pepper Spray Fogger with a Wide Angle, 12ft. range of Personal Protection

Pepper Spray Fogger with a Wide Angle

Our Price $18.99
Pepper Spray Fogger with a Wide Angl

Wide angle 18 ft range fogger spray is effective against multiple attackers.

MACE Triple Action Home Model

MACE Triple Action Pepper Spray
Fogger-Combines CN tear gas and OC pepper
ITEM: M80196

Our Price $22.95
MACE Triple Action Home Model

High-powered Home Model is ideal for home, dormitories and RVs.

MACE Triple Action Fogger Model

MACE Triple Action Fogger Model
ITEM # M80195
Our Price $19.99
MACE Triple Action Fogger Model

Compact, powerful model features flip-top safety cap.

In the case where you are approached when trying to get into your car, fogging your opponent gives you the chance to get away, but make sure not to use the fogger inside your auto, or you will also be temporarily disabled by the pepper spray.
If you work in security, owning the pepper spray fogger can help you deal with several attackers at once, maximizing your chances of getting out unharmed and leaving several would-be bad guys behind. Spray the fog into a room and shut the door to make sure your opponents can’t escape. Carry pepper spray fogger when doing security rounds, walking alone on campus or in dicey areas, or when you’re out after dark. You never really know what to expect when you go out into the world; make the best of your chances by owning a pepper spray fogger.

Sorry, no pepper spray orders to New York, Massachusetts

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