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Bathroom Diversion Safe
You Can Hide Valuable Jewelry and Keepsakes in the Bathroon

Hiding your valuables in the house is safe—unless your house is burgled. Break-ins are common, and theft causes millions of dollars of losses each year. Burglars start by looking at the obvious—cash on the dresser, jewelry in its case, or items like computers or other expensive and portable technology. Some small-time thieves look for things like prescription drugs, alcohol or small things they can sell to get drug money. Ideally, the thief in your house will find nothing valuable, and will be forced to move on.

Bathroom Diversion Safe  

AJAX Diversion Household Can Safes AJAX Diversion Household Can Safes

Our Price $15.94
AJAX Diversion Household Can Safes

Valuables can be discreetly stored inside these look-a-like containers

Aqua Net Diversion Household Can Safes Aqua Net Diversion Household Can Safes

Our Price $15.94
Aqua Net Diversion Household Can Safes

Put the odds in your favor... hide your valuables in plain sight

Barbasol Diversion Safe -

Our Price $15.94
Barbasol Diversion Safe

Hide Valuables - Looks Completely Natural in Any Bathroom

Desenex Diversion Household Can Safes Desenex Diversion Household Can Safes

Our Price $16.99 
Desenex Diversion Household Can Safes

Hidden safes can be expensive, but diversion safes are not costly at all

If you want to keep your treasured possessions at home, consider using a diversion safe—a storage place that imitates common household items. A good diversion safe not only looks exactly like the imitated product—it should be similar in weight as well, so a thief who picks it up won’t notice a strangeness in its heft.
Hidden safes can be expensive, but diversion safes are not costly at all; in the bathroom, you can hide your items or cash in diversion safes made to resemble cleaning products. Cleaners, shaving cream or even toothpaste tubes can conceal small items you want to keep safely hidden. Hide things in plain sight and would-be burglars may have to leave your home empty-handed

 Diversion Safes





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