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Diversion Safes

Hide Valuables from Burglars and are Inexpensive to Buy
If you’re worried about losing your valuables in a home break-in, you can purchase some measure of security in the form of a diversion safe. A diversion safe is one way to hide your favorite possessions in plain sight: it acts like a safe, but looks like soda cans, a candle or maybe even a rock.

Diversion Safes  

Hide a Key                                         ▪ 3 Items
Bathroom Diversion Safe                  ▪ 4 Items
Home & Bedroom Diversion Safe    ▪ 7 Items
Garage Diversion Safe                      ▪ 4 Items
Kitchen Diversion Safe                      8 Items
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Barbasol Diversion Safe 

Our Price $ 15.94
Barbasol Diversion Safe

Hide Valuables - Looks Completely Natural in Any Bathroom

The psychology of burglary works like this: when a thief breaks in, his goal is to get as many expensive items as possible, as quickly as possible, and get out and away without being seen. By hiding your valuables in an innocuous, everyday looking household object, you thwart the thief, who is looking in dresser drawers, under the bed or in the freezer for your diamonds and pearls.
Aside from the fact that he’ll have a much harder time finding the objects you care about, he will be all too aware of the clock ticking the moments away, making a fast getaway less achievable. A nervous thief will tend to beat a hasty retreat before finding your treasures, seeking a house where the owners aren’t as prepared.
Some people rely on expensive, hidden wall or floor safes to store their cash and jewelry, but installing a safe can cost thousands of dollars. For most people, a diversion safe—a 7-Up can in the box with the others or a can of shaving cream on the bathroom shelf is an easy and cheap way to hide important household items.
Place a diversion safe on a crowded kitchen shelf, in the garage or in the medicine cabinet—wherever the object it mimics would normally be found. And if you worry about locking yourself out of your house, try a hide-a-key safe. These clever devices, often in the form of rocks or garden statuary, can help you keep a key safe from outsiders but right where you can find it if you need it.





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