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Personal Alarms

Personal Body Alarms Give Anyone a Little Extra Security

A well-secured home can be difficult to leave, because you just don't know what can happen on the streets. This can be a particular problem for seniors aware of their limitations in strength and ability to defend themselves against criminals who purposely seek out the frail or elderly as victims. But there is something you can do to enhance your safety. Personal alarms are ideal for constant self-protection because they go where you go and sound a loud alarm if you get into trouble and need help.

Personal Alarms

120dB Personal Security Alarm  - Loud Alert for Help in Attacks and Emergency Situations
Our Price $8.99
120dB Personal Security Alarm
Nap Zapper

Our Price $9.95
120dB Personal Security Alarm

Pocket & Key Chain Alarm               6 Items

Personal alarms have often been used by seniors at home to get first aid in the case of medical emergency: you may have heard of a product called Lifeline, worn on the body and providing a near-instant connection with a helpline and ambulance service. You can buy similar wireless contact systems to be used for self protection as well: devices are carried or clipped to clothing: when someone feels under duress or threatened, a pushed button sounds a loud alarm. A criminal caught off guard by a screaming siren, will tend to run. And the high decibel alert will catch the attention of others.
But these alarms aren't just for seniors: they protect students walking on campus after dark. Rates of attack and rape on college campuses are higher than you'd imagine. Universities downplay crime rates, but students attending large schools need personal protection either in the form of an alarm, pepper spray or experience in self defense. A lot of crime happens in dormitories and frat houses: crime can walk through the door of any beer party. Provide your student with an alarm system and an alert sensibility to personal security on campus.





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