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Flashing Safety Lights

Helps Others See You – Even in the Dark

Flashing safety lights are perfect for people who stay out after dark, whether they're running, biking or just walking to the store. The first factor in your safety is visibility: if you're on the road without a light, even in light-colored clothing, you aren't as easy to see as you think you are. Car drivers are paying attention to the road, to other vehicles and maybe to cats or other animals that may dash out in front of a moving vehicle. Biker, walker or jogger, if you're not highly visible from at least five or six car lengths away, you're at risk.


Flashing LED Highway Safety Light with Magnet Attachment

Flashing LED Highway Safety Light
with Magnet Attachment
Our Price $13.99
Flashing LED Highway Safety Light

Alert other motorists to your vehicle if you have a highway emergency.

Personal Safety Light - Mount for Bicycles and Arm Strap for Runners

Personal Safety Light -
Mount for Bicycles and Arm Strap for Runners

Our Price $9.99
Personal Safety Light

The super bright LED has a visibility of up to 2,500 feet. Lightweight and water resistant.

Pet Safety Light

Pet Safety Light
Our Price $5.99
Pet Safety Light

Keep you and your pet safe at night! Pet Blinkers fasten easily to your dog?s collar, lead, or harness.

At dawn there may be little traffic, but drivers may be wary and distracted and the natural light is low. Dusk brings its own hazards, because visibility is lowest then. A bicycle can be invisible, and joggers are difficult to see from a moving car. If you're out at dawn, dusk or evening, buy some flashing safety lights for your bike or to strap to your arms and legs, and also use reflective tape on your clothing.
A flashing red safety light catches the attention of drivers, and the new LED lights are bright. You can set them to flash or to stay steady, and it's a good idea to keep a set in the family auto in case you have car trouble at night and want to make sure your vehicle is visible to other traffic and for the tow truck. Multi function flashing personal safety lights can be used in any situation to increase visibility and maximize your safety.

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