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Safety Lights

How Safety Lights Can Protect You in Everyday Situations

Runners, walkers and joggers, bicycle riders and anyone driving a car or motorcycle, even pushing a baby carriage should consider getting a safety light to make themselves more visible and safer at night. Keeping a safety light in your auto is just good sense: you can buy one in red that you can use flashing as a warning or as a steady light source until the tow truck comes. In emergency conditions in the wild or just off the highway, having a good safety light can mean the difference between being missed by searchers and being found, safe and sound.

Safety Lights  

Nightstar CS Flashlight

LED Safety Lights                          ▪ 2 Items

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Featured products


Flashing LED Highway Safety Light with Magnet Attachment

Flashing LED Highway Safety Light
with Magnet Attachment
Our Price $11.99
Flashing LED Highway Safety Light

Alert other motorists to your vehicle if you have a highway emergency.

Personal Safety Light - Mount for Bicycles and Arm Strap for Runners

Personal Safety Light -
Mount for Bicycles and Arm Strap for Runners

Our Price $9.99
Personal Safety Light

The super bright LED has a visibility of up to 2,500 feet. Lightweight and water resistant.

A safety light in the bedroom is a good idea, especially if you're worried about break-ins. It can help you see well enough to climb out the window and down the drain pipe, or you can flash it in a threatening intruder's eyes to buy time and get away. If you buy a flash light, it can also be used as a weapon: a thump on the head from a flashlight can be a good deterrent to a crook.
Preventing vehicle accidents is often a case of being easily seen, and pedestrians sometimes forget that in the blue light of dawn, dusk and night they are especially vulnerable to being hit by cars. A bright, LED safety light attached to your belt loop can make you visible in traffic, and a multi-function safety alarm can sound the alert as well as providing a light bright enough to be seen a mile away. It can be set to strobe or steady, and its db level is loud enough to scare off a would-be attacker. Don't want to carry a big flash light? Get a keychain light that's super-bright. It's personal, portable protection with a flashlight bright light that shines for 10,000 hours on its long lived battery.




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