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Pepper Spray on a Keychain


Pepper Spray Molded Key Chain 1/2 oz.By carrying Pepper Spray on a Keychain you’ll have with you a highly effective first defense weapon against muggers, stalkers, rapists, carjackers and abusive persons. A quick burst into the face will cause the attacker’s eyes to close involuntarily as the hot OC ingredient delivers sharp and immediate pain. As the OC hits the nose, lips, and mouth, the mucous membranes located in these areas are also affected and he feels an intense burning sensation. And if the stuff is inhaled (and it will be!), the bad guy will experience coughing, drooling and gagging, even vomiting.

Pepper Spray on a Keychain: For Practical Self Defense

We offer a molded personal model (#PSK5M-12) loaded with 1/2 oz of 140,000 SHUs that comes with a key ring with a quick key release. This type of Pepper Spray on a Keychainis popular with joggers since it also includes a belt clip. For going to work, women like the leather holstered model (#PSK5-18) with a 15% OC rated at a blistering 180,000 SHUs. Is that hot enough for you? These sprays are compact and convenient enough to have with you at all times, and since you never go anywhere without your keychain, a pepper spray canister will always be handy.

Pepper Spray



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