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A Pepper Spray Product: Foam

You’ve seen many a pepper spray product on the market and you may own a couple of types yourself, but have you considered the foam variety? Like its aerosol counterpart, Pepper Foam is a 10% OC pepper formulation that comes with a special Ultraviolet (UV) dye to mark the attacker. It sprays a thick, shaving cream-like foam that sticks to the attacker’s face, mask, hood, goggles or eyeglasses. The burning sensation and painful effects are the same as with pepper spray. In addition to blinding him temporarily, there is no “blow back” — which can be a problem with aerosol sprays. With foam, you can more effectively target the attacker but not get any on yourself.

More Advantages of a Foam Pepper Spray Product

Like the oily aerosol spray, the foam is hard to wipe off quickly. This incredible pepper spray product is preferred by prison guards and police officers for use indoors since there are no fumes and thus will only affect the prisoner and no one else nearby. And once it hits its target, it expands to over 600% of its original volume to cover the attacker’s face and especially the eyes. The jet foam sprays up to 10 feet away. We carry this amazing OC foam as well as several other types of pepper spray products with different dispersal patterns including our Pepper Spray Fogger and streaming sprays.

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