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The Best Stun Gun? Choose Your Voltage


Shopping for the best stun gun is a practical matter of choosing what you can afford. You can go for the top-of-the-line Air TASER (from $299 to $599) or a less expensive stun-gun for around $16 to $70. TASERs are more effective, which is why police carry them, and they work on everyone. They are like a remote-controlled Louisville Slugger; zap a bad guy from a short distance, then marvel at how the thug flops around on the floor like a fish. More effective than a firearm, less messy, and less lethal! 

The Best Stun Gun With a Big Shock

M18 Advanced Air Taser GunUnlike a M18 TASER, which can be fired from up to 15 feet away, even the best stun gun needs to come in direct contact with the attacker. It’s a “close-quarters” type of weapon. You can choose your voltage from as little as 65,000v to as much as 775,000v. Remember the higher the voltage, the faster the stopping power; lower voltage models are also good but take a second or two longer to put down an attacker to back off. We generally recommend you get the highest voltage in the appropriate style that feels right for you. Timid people need higher voltage. Take responsibility for your own personal safety and get the best stun gun you can afford.

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