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Stun Gun Holsters and Accessories Make the Product Easy to Carry & Use
Having a stun gun is excellent protection, unless you leave it at home because you haven't found a good way to carry it. Stun guns may not travel well: if you're going out of state, you first need to make sure that the state where you're going allows stun guns, and if it does, you will have to pack it into your checked luggage for interstate air travel. But if you've bought the stun gun for use in your own stomping ground, you'll want to find ways to carry it that keep it accessible and easy to use, but private.

Energizer Battery 9 Volt
Item: BAT9V

Our Price $ 2.00
Energizer Battery 9 Volt

We highly recommend quality 9 volt alkaline batteries for your stun device

Double AA Battery - 4 Pack

Our Price $ 2.50
Double AA Battery - 4 Pack

You want the best AA batteries available for our products.

More accessories coming

There are a variety of holsters and carriers for stun guns and batons: you can carry them holstered on your hip, clipped to a belt, or socked away into a bag, briefcase or pocket. Before leaving home, check to make sure the batteries are fully charged. Before entering an area where you may need the weapon, have it ready to hand by removing it from a bag and placing your hand on it. In situations where attack is imminent, be sure you have turned any safety switches off so the weapon is ready to use.
Some people use clothing as covers for stun guns or batons: you can also buy a cover for a holster, that in effect says, "Yes, I'm carrying a weapon, but do you know which kind?" Most of the time, openly carrying a weapon is a stratagem of law enforcement officers (or criminals): an open weapon may incite some people who are inclined to violence, and will certainly frighten the rest of us, so it's best to devise intelligent, discreet holders for weapons like stun guns.

Stun Guns and TASERs are illegal in HI, IL, IA, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, WI., Baltimore, Annapolis and Howard Counties in MD., the City of Denison, IA., The City of Philadelphia PA., and Washington DC. We can not ship to the above locations.
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