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Stun Guns

Legal in Most States, Stun Guns Are Powerful Non-Lethal Protection

The stun gun or stun baton are one of the most powerful, take charge self defense weapons you can legally  purchase and carry in most states. Using batteries to generate a high voltage shock it can be used against an attacker to temporarily disabled or to just deter him.

                              What voltage stun gun should I purchase?

Stun Guns & Batons

700kv Scorpion StunGun

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Stun Baton                                              ▪ 1 Item

Proper Stun Gun Use
Legal Information 

Press the prongs of your stun gun against your attacker and hold for three to five seconds. To disable him, follow him as he falls to the ground making firm contact as he goes down. Your attacker will be unable to control his muscles.  This happens because high voltage disrupts the brain impulses that normally cause coordinated action, plus the giving you plenty of time to escape and get help.

A stun baton works just like a stun gun, but a stun gun is available in a range of smaller sizes. Check out our Mini Stun Guns by Firefly that are small enough to fit into your pocket!

Often used by police and security personnel, Stun guns and batons are being used more and more by civilians, making these products popular in the arena of personal protection. The stun gun doesn't kill or permanently harm the attacker unless it is seriously misused which has happened  very few police and criminal confutations.

The stun gun or baton is increasingly interesting to people who want to defend themselves, but who don't want to carry traditional firearms because of the established risks. It remains one of the best ways to disable an attacker without killing him.

30,000 deaths each year on the average are attributed to guns. In 2004, only 134 of those deaths were from self defense items such as pepper spray and stun guns, and the rest were suicides, homicides and accidents.

Knowing the statistics, many people are turning from traditional firearms to safer self protection alternatives such as stun guns and stun batons. Also statistics show that stun guns are rarely used in muggings robberies and home invasions.

Invest in non-lethal self defense today!

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